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Organically-shaped paving stones for a natural look

WeatheredSlate Pavers are one-piece stones with artificial joints pressed into a slate-textured surface. Even though this product is laid in a linear pattern, the finished look resembles natural random flagstone – an artistic look and feel you will never tire of.

These elegant concrete paver combinations can be used for patios, random walkways, and driveway settings. The assortment of three different organic shapes are available in three colours: Natural Charcoal, Mocha Charcoal and Autumn Blend.

Natural paving stones to inspire any outdoor living space

Look around your property and there will likely be a good location for these concrete pavers. A little imagination will go a long way with WeatheredSlate Pavers from Shaw Brick.

Our premium quality paving stones are distinctive and durable, with the added bonus of outlasting other landscaping alternatives, which will greatly enhance the character and value of your property.

Whether you are installing the pavers yourself or using a qualified contractor, we recommend you visit your local Shaw Retail Centre or one of our independent dealers for helpful hints and project assistance.

This product may not be available at all locations, please check with your local Shaw Brick.


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Shapes & Sizes

Weathered Slate

17.3-L x 13.2-W x 2.8-H in
439-L x 336-W x 70-H mm

Dimensional Tolerances

Meets the requirements of CSA A231.2 H1500

Length -0.0394 to +0.0787 in (-1 to +2 mm)
Width -0.0394 to +0.0787 in (-1 to +2 mm)
Height -0.1181 to +0.1181 in (-3 to +3 mm)

Physical Properties

Meets the requirements of CSA A231.2 H1500

Compressive Strength 50 MPa at 28 days (Average)
Minimum (MPa) 45 MPa at 28 days (Individual)
Absorption 5.5% maximum
Freeze Thaw Not exceed 1% weight loss


Weathered Slate
Pieces per Pallet 72
Weight per Unit 38.9 lbs
17.7 kg
Unit Coverage 1.2 sq. ft.
Pallet Coverage 86.4 sq. ft.
Weight per Pallet 2800 lbs
1275 kg

All dimensions and weights are approximate.

Additional Info

Product Item Numbers

Weathered Slate
Natural Charcoal 01961
Autumn Blend 01959
Mocha Charcoal 01960

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